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What is SEO in simple language?

If you search for a word in Google, you will see a series of sites that come up for you. High revenue by people The revenue of front page sites is also extremely high.

Well, I will show you the power of SEO with a very good example: the word English language training is searched more than 60,000 times a month by Iranians in Google (ie 60,000 users who want to learn English). Now here if you have a site And with the SEO operation, خرید بکلینک bring this site to the first page of Google, and especially if it is one of the first three sites of Google, what happened to you ?! Out of these 60 thousand people, سئو off page only 20 thousand people enter your site per month and you have an English language training product on your site and only at the price of 200 thousand Tomans and these twenty thousand people who enter your site only 100 people buy your product per month. مشاوره حرفه ای سئو You have an income of 20 million Tomans! It was beautiful, right? This is the power of SEO and customer acquisition through Google

Why is SEO training useful for all businesses?

To be successful in SEO, we need to know the techniques and standards related to this field. There are currently many companies that work in the field of SEO training and help you improve your site's position in search results. But is SEO outsourcing the right thing to do? Both yes and no!

Before making a decision, consider the following:

1- SEO is not cheap

Due to the high competition in the internet space, خرید بک لینک pbn it is usually difficult to gain a place in valuable keywords. As a result, the rate of SEO services is increasing every day.

In many projects, it is not possible to accurately estimate the success rate of the site, so you pay this cost with high risk because the activities of this person or company may not bring the results you want.

2- Choosing an SEO expert is not easy

There are many people and companies working in this field that it is difficult for you to evaluate the performance of their expertise. Terms and phrases you may not be familiar with may be used in early sessions.

If you do not have enough knowledge in this area,بک لینک سایت you can not choose the right person and as a result you will spend a lot of time and money that may never end in success.

3- Success in SEO is time consuming

It is difficult for people who do not master this field to understand SEO. Many people think that there are techniques that can be used to achieve attractive results in a short period of time. While this thinking is fundamentally wrong. You need a lot of patience and effort to succeed in SEO.

If you do not have enough knowledge and experience in this field, خرید رپورتاژ دائمی you can hardly estimate the performance of an SEO expert in a short period of time. To monitor the project implementation process, it is better to increase your knowledge in the field of SEO.